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    Armory Design Services

    Armory and weapons storage design

    SecureIt Tactical consultative services are focused on arms room space utilization challenges associated with post 9-11 weapon designs. Modern combat has created a need for modular weapon system which allows special operators to adapt to any given environment. These new weapon systems come in multiple form factors and have created a need for flexible weapon storage systems which allow the end user to quickly reconfigure the internal components to accommodated multiple widths, lengths and weights of small arm as well as crew served nomenclatures.

    sample designs: high density mobile aisle armory     Portable Vaults
    Areas of expertise

    Existing arms rooms
    • Maximize storage density and space utilization
    • Improve ergonomics and work flow efficiency
    • Inventory and audit process
    • Adaptability and scalability in a dynamic environment,
    • Storage for ancillary items ( optics, NVGs, NODs, PEQs barrels, receivers)
    New construction
    • Arms rooms, Movable vaults, Weapons maintenance,
    • Work with architects to assure proper armory size and internal space clearances
    • Inventory and audit processes
    SecureIt Tactical has consulted on, designed and installed weapons storage systems in all branches of the military all over the world. Our experience with SOCOM5th SFG, DEVGRU and US Navy Seals has produced a wealth of knowledge which allows SecureIt Tactical to design ergonomic and flexible storage systems to meet the mission objectives of military and law enforcement units now and well into the future.

    high density weapon storage design
    3D Renderings and virtual armories allow units to visualize the new armory and make adjustments prior to ordering.
       weapon storage armory design
    SecureIt offers exceptional, expert design services

    Large or small weapons storage
    - High density mobile isle solutions
    - Rapid deployment systems
    - Inventory tracking solutions
    - Storage for weapon cases, electronics, optics, tools etc.
    - VCI corrosion control
    - Arms rooms
    - Portable armories
    - Weapons maintenance facilities