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    M2 Rack M2HB Rack

    M2s are stored- receiver and 2 barrels. Receiver may be stored spade grips up or down.

    NSN: 1095-01-599-4865 — BI-FOLD DOOR Cabinet
    NSN: 1095-01-599-4878 —RETRACTABLE DOOR Cabinet

    M2 weapon storage rack

    The SecureIt saddles system also allow for storage of remote mount variants and M3s where there are no spade grips. Area above the M2s can be used to store handguns and rifles or shelves and cubbies for gear. The Tactical rack shelf loading limit is 900lbs per shelf. No other weapon rack Evan comes close to this capacity and strength.

    M2 racks also hold MK19s, Mortars Miniguns, Carl Gustavs and others.

    The SecureIt weapon storage saddle system allows unlimited storage options without the need for additional brackets. These racks will also hold all rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, etc.


    M2 and MK19 weapon rack

    4 M2 M4s on top


    M2 mk19 storage rack

    M249SAWs, M240,
    M2 and MK19 on bottom

    M2HB storage rack

    Shelves can be used above the M2s to store a wide variety of gear.

    M2 weapon storage rack

    MK19s, M2s with gear storage above

    tactical and crew serve weapon cabinetM2 and gear storage cabinet

    Tactical Model 72 and Model 84 racks will accommodate M2 .50Cal Machine guns.
    Space is provided for 4 receivers and 8 barrels. The model 84 rack can be configured to hold 8 M2 receivers in two rows.
    Tactical racks allows for storage of other weapons systems and additional gear. Internal shelf capacity is 900lbs for each shelf!

    14 Gauge all steel construction is used throughout the rack. Heavier gauge construction stands up to the most adverse conditions.

    Bi-folding door allows for use in small armories and tight spaces where standard hinged doors would block the aisles. Racks can accept 2 padlocks for dual security or 1 lock with a provision for security bands.
    The Ma Deuce M2 rack exceeds 500lbs when loaded so bolting or chaining is not required per military spec. Slots and holes are provided to allow bolting if preferred

    The eight barrels are stored separately in the same rack in two groups of four, locked via hinged steel plates. In the same manner as the gun the end of the barrel is securely housed vertically with the barrel end slotted into a steel 'block'.

    SecureIt M-2 Weapon Racks are available as fixed racks configured in one of our 4 fixed applications or as a high density weapons storage system. SecureIt M-2 Weapons Racks come standard with a lock bar for pad-locks meeting OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements. SecureIt M-2 Weapons Racks are available in two models, with or without additional barrel storage. SecureIt M-2 Weapon Racks are available with our deployable base for rack transport requirements.
    M2 rack M2 weapon rack