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    NVG / Optics cabinets and storage

    Optics and high value gear storage for armories

    Optics and gear associates with modern weapons systems is putting a strain on storage capacity and ergonomics in many armories. SecureIt modular cabinets provide high density storage and organization
    for optics and high value gear.

    storage drawer unit
    SecureIt M-2 Weapon Racks are available as fixed racks configured in one of our 4 fixed applications or as a high density weapons storage system. SecureIt M-2 Weapons Racks come standard with a lock bar for pad-locks meeting OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements. SecureIt M-2 Weapons Racks are available in two models, with or without additional barrel storage. SecureIt M-2 Weapon Racks are available with our deployable base for rack transport requirements.
    Armory Designs include efficient work areas and proper and ergonomic gear storage.
    optics and sopmod gear storage

    The wrong way to store optics and attachments.

    NVGS stored in the "space saving" NSN racks.
    armory optics and gear storage

    Armorers had to pack all the NVGs, PVS-14s etc. into space saving NSN racks

    During inventory all items are removed form the racks and spread out on the floor. In this armory the gear actually spread out of the arms room into the hall, this required the unit to shut down the building when doing inventory.
    The Proper solutions for optics and high value armory gear.

    Gear is stored and indexed in individual compartments.

    optics and weapon gear storage
    Full height bin units provide high density storage with excellent visual reference.

    Modular drawer units allow for high density storage and very efficient inventory and audits
    Peq4 storage drawers  optics and armory storage
    Drawer units feature 400lb capacity per drawer. adjustable dividers with labeling tabs keep everything organized and neat.