M110 weapon rack, M110  weapon cabinet,  cabinets cages and weapon racks for sniper rifles

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    Weapon Storage for M110 Sniper Rifles


    m110 sniper rifle rack M110 storage


    M110 sniper rifles are a semi automatic sniper rifle that was originally supposed to replace the M24 sniper rifle used by most marksmen in the United States Army and Military.


    M110's are used in Afghanistan. Troops were very pleased by the M110, giving it a high rating, mostly noticing how the weapon's semi-automatic feature. The M110 also has a feature that removes the flash upon firing.


    Originally, the M110 sniper rifle was made by Knight's Armament Company.


    SecureIt Tactical can store the M110 sniper rifles in our weapons racks, and meet military arms storage requirements.


    M110 Sniper Rifle Weapons Storage Racks

     M110 rifle rack sniper rifle storage






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