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MK 19 Rack


mk19 rack mkstorage

The Tactical Weapon Storage Platform stored up to 4 MK 19s in a 15" x 36" footprint. The system will also holds must infantry weapons.

Unlike other weapon racks which have a unique bracket system to facilitate MK 19 storage, the SecureIt Tactical platform uses the same Patent Pending 2 piece saddle system which hold all infantry weapons.
learn more: SecureIt weapon storage saddle system



MK19 is a 40mm, automatic grenade launcher that has been around in the military since the Cold War and the Vietnam war. Today, army and military bases still need storage for MK19 weapons, including the MK19 grenade launcher weapon systems.


The MK19 can shoot up to 40 rounds or grenades per minute when sustained or up to 60 rounds per minute when you use it rapidly. The MK19 does not "over heat" or "cook" because of the air cooling system with the weapon.


SecureIt Tactical can store MK Series Grenade Launchers for weapons storage solutions and meets military weapons storage requirements for weapons racks.

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