MK46 weapon rack and mk49 storage cabinets high density mk46 racks lockers and vaults

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Weapon storage rack and weapon storage cabinet

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MK 46 weapon storage solutions


mk46 rack and 249 storage cabinet




The MK46 weapon is a variant of what the actual purpose of what was adopted by US SOCOM units. This led to the addition of two new weapons. The MK46, and the MK48. These weapons can be equipped with carrying handles, and a magazine insertion well. The lugs that are usually used to mount the MK46 and MK48 on vehicles have been removed to help remove any sort of additional weight of the weapon.


SecureIt Tactical sells weapon racks that store MK 46 weapons, with our MK Series Weapons Racks. Our MK Series Weapons Rack, will give your MK46 and MK48 weapons a safe and secure weapon storage solution.


MK46 Weapons Storage Racks - Rendering

MK46 m249 m4 weapon storage rack cabinet 

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